Windigo Bay in January 2018


Windigo Bay Update

We’ve been going hard-core from the beginning of 2018. Our focus continues to be:

New markets & channels for your products

We’ll help you find new customers, partners, distributors, and licensees.

② Negotiate strategic & challenging agreements

We expertly negotiate complex and difficult deals, including partner and shareholder disputes or buyouts, licensing & distribution, and other high-stakes negotiations. We’ve handled many of these, with excellent results for our clients. Our specialty is tough situations where leverage appears one-sided or where relationships have broken down. We work closely with your counsel on final documents.

Turnaround and re-invention advice

We help re-invent businesses and stale product lines. If you’re frustrated with where you are, and need new ideas and insights, we can help.

④ Grow your business: financing

We help suitable clients with equity and debt financings. Our work includes identifying prospects, developing presentation materials, and negotiating with capital providers. We also negotiate restructurings and follow-on rounds.

④ Investee reviews

We have helped VCs and angel investors with external reviews of portfolio companies. If you’re unhappy with the progress of an investment, or want a potential deal given a second opinion, we can help.

⑤ Sale of business

We can help you find the right buyer for your business, and negotiate a very good deal.

Windigo Bay Group is a merchant bank serving creative, consumer and tech companies. We finance and develop businesses, negotiate new markets, sell and acquire assets, and more. Based in Toronto, our clients are in North America and around the world. Contact us for a private discussion about your needs.