Gi Fly in Action


Our client Bignay is behind the Gi Fly electric bike platform. Deep integration between software and the bike takes Gi Fly to the next level. We call it the Tesla of bikes: it’s that great.

Bignay is based in Córdoba, Argentina. The company pre-sold over one million dollars of Gi Fly bikes before starting production. The first production run shipped in 4Q17, to buyers in Europe, North & South America and elsewhere. Customer feedback has been excellent.

A few weeks ago, Argentina’s President Macri stopped by the Bignay offices, and went for a spin with CEO Lucas Toledo:


Argentina’s President Macri with Bignay CEO Toledo. Gi Fly are clients of Windigo Bay.

We’re very proud to be serving Lucas, Agustín, Eric and the rest of the Bignay team.

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